Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Darling Adik

Fitri My Beloved Brother..

Saya langsung tak tahu bahawa my beloved brother rupanya menzahirkan kesungguhannya yang sangat tinggi dengan hadir bersama-sama diri dan jiwanya ke Palestin.. Tadi lepas saya berskype dengan kakak di JB, baru saya dapat tahu perkara ini..Rupanya dia bersama Dr Jamilah MERCY ke Palestin..

Ya Allah.. kuatkanlah semangat adik saya..
Kukuhkanlah pendiriannya..
Selamatkanlah dia di dunia dan di akhirat..
Selamatkanlah seluruh kumpulan MERCY ke Palestin..
amin ya Rabbal Alamin.




MERCY Malaysia has deployed two more aid workers to Cairo, Egypt, to help deliver humanitarian assistance to the people in Gaza.MERCY Malaysia Executive Council Member Prof Dr Ikram Mohd Salleh and volunteer Dr Al-Amin Mohamad Daud’s role would be to determine and manage medical supplies and equipment procured by MERCY Malaysia for the population in Gaza affected by the Israeli attack in the past 18 days.

The two will also co-ordinate the purchasing and equipping of 4 ambulances as well as a mobile blood bank unit. Currently, there are only 30 ambulances in Gaza but the need is for 40, after bombs destroyed dozens of ambulances. The mobile blood bank unit will deliver blood supply to the wounded.

These efforts are part of MERCY Malaysia’s comprehensive plan of action to deliver humanitarian assistance to the population in GazaIn the past three days, MERCY Malaysia has delivered two more consignments of medicines and medical equipment into the war-torn area.

Lorries were loaded with surgical sets and disposable items including syringes, intravenous infusions and bandages by MERCY Malaysia’s second team in Cairo – MERCY Malaysia Programme Officer Mohammad Said Alhudzari Ibrahim and volunteer Syed Zahid Syed Mohamad who were deployed to Cairo on Jan 9.

Last week, a first consignment of medicines and medical equipment weighing 50 tonnes were transported in five trucks into Gaza by the first team from MERCY Malaysia, which consisted President Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, Executive Council Member Nor Azam Ab Samah and Programme Officer Muhammad Fitri Muhammad Hashim.

The first three consignments have cost approximately USD300,000.An order has been place for a fourth consignment which will include, apart from medical disposables, wheelchairs and crutches, to fill the pressing needs among Gazans wounded by the Israeli attack, now in its 18th day.Since the Israeli onslaught of the Gaza Strip, homes, hospitals and other infrastructure have been severely damaged.

Basic needs have become top commodity.Another worry is that the complete breakdown of sewage systems in Gaza could cause diseases to spread. Given the seriousness of the situation in Gaza, a number of doctors have been allowed into the Strip. In Malaysia, MERCY Malaysia has put 20 volunteer doctors on standby for deployment.

To date, the conflict in Gaza has resulted in 884 dead, including 257 children and 93 women. Another 3,860 are injured and this includes 1,333 children and 587 women.The MERCY Malaysia Palestine Relief Fund has chalked RM5.35 million, thanks to the generous contributions of the public and corporate donors. This includes a RM1 million donation from PETRONAS, MERCY Malaysia’s Corporate Partner, and a USD1 million contribution from the Malaysian Government.

MERCY Malaysia has been able to work for the Gaza survivors because of the generous contributions of the Malaysian public.Please continue to donate to the Palestine Relief Fund through MERCY Malaysia. For CIMB users, make cheques payable to MERCY MALAYSIA through account number 1424-000-6561053. MAYBANK users may make cheques out to MERCY HUMANITARIAN FUND at account number 5621-7950-4126. Please indicate “Palestine Relief Fund” on the back of the cheque.