Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Result Pelajar

Tadi ada seorang student sms me.

She/he wrote,
'Salam, thanz 4 being my lect 4 isb652...
eventho i only got A- 4 dis paper, but it'z ok.
i desrved it. huhuhu..
d knowledge i got is more than enythin'.
thanx alot'

And then I gave my reply:

'Dah dapat result ker? Ni sapa? Sorry x der save.
Want to tell you that A- under me means very excellent,
just like A for other paper. My std quite high..
3-4 orang jer dapat A, so don't feel sad, you are good student, congrat'

Then she/he replied:

'is it? I feel glad to know that..
means I'm ok.'

My darling students, congratulation to those who manage to get good result for my paper. I have to admit that my standard is quite high, a bit higher compare to other paper...if you get A, it means you are at par with A+ for others..If you get A-, it is A for others...

With my warmest salam,
Congratulation to all of you....