Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tempat Solat


Barbara kemudiannya berkata...

'Let me show you the place. This is part of the library. We can move the sofa and the students can pray here.. '

Tempat tu boleh muat 10 orang sembahyang..
Sesuatu yang di luar dugaan kami..
Dia kemudiannya menyambung lagi..

'You know, as a principal, my duty is to ensure their safety. I think they should not perform on their own... Can you discuss with your community to ask one adult person to lead the prayer? So they won't think that they're doing something fun, they are performing prayer, they should be serious with a supervision from an adult person..'

Saya pandang Abah..
Dia nak bagi solat jemaah ker.. Ya Allah..

Abah terus bersetuju...

'That is a very good suggestion. I will discuss with my friends, maybe one of us can come to lead the prayer, we can take turn. I also can come because I'm not working now.. But I will discuss first.. Thank you for the excellent suggestion..'

Saya kemudiannya menunjukkan surat yang saya tulis dengan sokongan oleh 10 ibu bapa yang lain. Barbara nampak sangat terperanjat..

'Ohh.. you have prepared it nicely. This is a very nice letter. I like this.. '
Terima kasih pada Abah, Adili, Suraini, Norzaidah, Rami, Hashimah, Hamdan, Syed Aris, Syafiq yang telah turut sama menandatangani surat tersebut...

Barbara akhirnya bercerita dengan begitu seronok tentang sekolahnya dan tanpa kami duga dia kemudiannya membawa satu lagi cadangan..

'I realise that the number of muslim students is increasing. Why not you teach them about Islam once a week. We can provide the slot under 'Religion for Life'. Under Australian's Education Policy, religions that recognised by the Government can have a short slot for their followers... This is more on teaching the values and good behaviours that they should have in their life. The same like we have now for Christianity. We allow them to teach 30 mt every week..'

Hanya ALlah yang Maha Tahu apa perasaan saya..
Mudah-mudahan ada kebaikan untuk anak-anak kami semua di sekolah ini..
Sekurang-kurangnya saya dan Abah memulakan langkah..
Dan orang lain boleh meneruskannya..

Abah terus tersenyum dan berbincang lebih detail dengan Barbara...

'Is there any conditions to be fulfilled. I can bring this matter to my Muslim community, we can propose someone. For the time being, if we cannot get any, I can volunteer myself..'

Akhirnya Barbara memberi cadangan demi cadangan dan katanya..

'You just bring the documents, The person should be an accredited teacher who can teach Islam, maybe with approval from your scholar here.. The Imam maybe, I don't know..'

Kami berasa sangat gembira..
Proposal ini akan dibawa dalam mesyuarat Council Sekolah pada 24 April ini dan kami perlu menyediakan orang dan silabus untuk memulakannya pertengahan tahun ini..

Untuk tempat solat, selepas cuti sekolah berakhir, kelas pada 20 April ini akan menyaksikan perubahan kepada ruang solat secara rasmi untuk kanak-kanak muslim di sekolah ini..



Permohonan ini dikuatkan dengan surat yang saya buat dengan tandatangan sokongan oleh lebih 10 orang ibu bapa yang lain...


Mrs Nurhidayah Muhammad Hashim


Date: 1 April 2009



Dear Principal,


We would like to draw your attention to the above matter. For your information, Islam requires its followers to perform 5 times prayer a day and one of them is afternoon prayer or is called as Zuhur prayer. This prayer is performed between 1.30 - 4.30 pm. Before this, our children will perform that at home right after they come back from school.

However, with the changes of day saving hour next week and the changes of time during winter, the duration for Zuhur prayer shall end by 3.45pm which the children will not be having enough time to perform the prayer at home after school.

Therefore, we would like to seek for your kind consideration to provide a small space in the school for our children to perform the prayer. We do not require a big space- 6 square feet will be adequate. Further more it will not affect the school hours as the prayer just take about 5 minutes and can be performed during the lunch break (i.e. between 1pm – 2 pm)

We believe by doing this, the school:

  • Will show that it is a multi-race school and practicing multi-religious acceptance
  • Good name will spread especially among Muslims and Malaysians.
  • Increase in number of new pupils as more parents will be sending their kids here since its practicing religion tolerance.

Shall you require further information or to discuss on this matter, please hesitate not to contact the undersigned. Your kind consideration will be highly appreciated by not only the parents but also by the whole Muslim community.

Thank you



Nurhidayah Muhammad Hashim

Mother of Aisyah 1/2J

Telephone: XXXXXX

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