Friday, December 26, 2008

Tugasan Tertunggak Hampir Selesai

Tugasan Tertunggak dari UiTM
(Unfinished Business)

I came here on 28th Nov 2008 with few works from UiTM which were not settled yet. For the past few nights I slept very late to settle them as soon as possible..

I planned to settle them right after I arrived here. But it could not be materialised.

For the first 7 days, I was in Malaysian Hall... It was quite difficult for me actually to cope with the new weather and new temperature. For me, it was too cold when the degree was 13-15 Celcius. At the same time, we were very busy, runing here and there to buy basic things to live here such as soap, shampoo, rice, vegetable, halal meat etc because we did not bring them from Malaysia. I also need to enroll myself at the university on 1 Dec 2008, so need to concentrate on my proposal, and prepare myself as well on how to face my Supervisor..

For the second week, I was too busy doing the inspection for the house, tried to settle the registration for health insurance here, registration for schooling, tried to understand the location and the map of the University and my place of living. Running here and there to find things for the new house such as the quilt, electrict blanket, normal blanket, cooking materials, study utensils etc etc...Plus all the visits to the city..

After the third week then, I can say that I have settled down. And after the period, I can only start doing my job properly. Thanks to Allah for the strength he has bestowed upon me.. Alhamdulillah

Back to my jobs..

First- I owed Ketua Jabatan DLSA four OBE files for the paper that I thought ie Islamic Family Law. I should submit that earlier but due to so many things that need to be settled I failed to prepare them on time. OBE is 'Outcome Based Education' , something like ISO but it's more detail.. more 'renyeh' and more boring to complete that. Need to complete the course information, lesson plan in detail.. very-very detail...The marks and credit given.... erghhh...
But Alhamdulillah.. thanks to Allah..
It is settled now.
I will email her tonight.

So just imagine that I also need to carry few materials regarding the work in my bag hari tu.. my bag berat dgn buku2 saja..

Second-I also owed UPENA (Pusat Penerbitan UiTM) a book (manuscript) that they asked me to be the proof-reader (editor) which would be published by the UPENA, UiTM soon. The book is quite thick.. Alhamdulillah, I have almost finished reading the manuskript . Based on the letter from UPENA, I should submit the book with my remarks as the editor before I left, but I was not able to submit on time. Alhamdulillah there's only less than 10 more pages to go. I have promised myself that I will submit the manuscript with the report to UPENA before end of Dec 2008. Insya Allah...

Third, i have to finish a research with IRDC, UiTM before 31 Dec this year. Need to work for it next week and email to Eva before the due date.

So need to do siket jer lagi.. after that.... I would feel like.... yeaaaaaa... selesai!