Thursday, December 18, 2008

Second Opinion

Ask for Second Opinion

I have started to take the first step regarding my studies..

First, I followed Ina to see Dr Simon, her Co Supervisor. Dr Simon asked me about my research. What, how and why I want to do the research….

I then explained to him about my area and my plan. Patiently, he evaluated my topic and offered me with a very good advice. He also asked me to think again and again during this Christmas holiday on the topic that I chose and let him know if I need his help. He is really a kind man. Thank you very much. Thanks to Ina too ... She has provided me with thousands of assistance..

After the discussion, we walked to the tram station nearby ---- proceed with our second plan to go to Australia Institute of Family Study (AIFS) in the Melbourne City. We hoped to search for any relevant research and books which might be relevant for my research.

The institute is located at level 20, Building 450 at la Trobe Street. It’s a very huge building, with a sophisticated elevator and for sure with a spectacular view from level 20. We can see the whole area of the city. So wonderful!

We did not make any appointment earlier. Main redah jer pergi… The receptionist entertained us well and said, ‘I think the best person you should meet is Carol, the librarian here.’ Carol then has provided us with a lot of materials and allowed us to use the PC to search for the relevant materials. Thank you very much Carol.

Ni tengah baca nota dalam bilik AIFS tu ler..

With Carol infront of AIFS...

I tried to find Dr Jeniffer McIntosh, one of the Mediators here, she is a friend of my good friend tapi tak dapat. Dr Jeniffer rupanya pernah wrote an article for AIFS but she did not work there. She has her own firm somewhere in Melbourne. I'll try to meet her one day.

Tengah merenung masa depan... hehe... di dewan bawah Bangunan AIFS..

From there we walked to BISMI, the halal restaurant at the Elizabeth Street. Yang ni sesat- sesat siket sebab tersilap baca peta. After pusing-pusing, naik tram turun tram.. (pengalaman yang best gak) dengan bawak beg yang berat, sebab ada banyak buku free plus all the pamphlets about AIFS, domestic violence, child support, etc.. .. Adoiii..sakitnya bahu saya bawak beg tu… Akhirnya, we found the restaurant..

Uhhhh… bestnya makan nasi beriani ayam goreng, kenyang betoi.. Ina makan tosai dengan kuahnya. Pastu beli bekal untuk Aisyah dan Abah iaitu nasi beriani ayam almond and lamb, semuanya berharga $32. Kadang-kadang saya rasa nak convert ke Mesia Ringgit, tapi kadang2 saya rasa takyah ler convert.. sebab lagi convertkan currency, lagi rasa .. “Mahalnya semua benda kat sini…’ hehe..

Lepas tu kami pun balik ler rumah dengan buku-buku dan pamphlets yang banyak untuk dibaca…