Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Library Is Closed For Christmas

Christmas is here..

Our library is closed starting today until 5 Jan 2009.. So whatever we want to settle need to be done before 23 Dec. For instance if we need to pay anything or need to borrow something or whatever dealings that involved University, we have to settle them earlier. For me, this is really a very long holiday-nearly 15 days.. owshh..

Yesterday, Tuesday 23 Dec, I went to the library and borrowed 23 books...I had to carry that 23 books out from the library.. Eikkk was a very heavy bag fulled with books..

Among the titles were The Child Support Act, Children's Right, Speak for Your Child, Who Pay the Child After Divorce, Art of Arbitaration in Divorce Cases and many more. I also borrowed books written by Hashim Kamali entitled Syariah Law: an Introduction, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence and a book written by a Uni lecturer in Indonesia regarding Islam entitled 'Islam Beyond Conflict: Indonesian Islam and Western Political Theory'...

Hopefully within this few weeks, I can do something good ... to read the books, to upgrade my proposal, to add the bibbliographies as well as to come with a draft for the content outline. My supervisor said she is free only in the fourth week of January, but I wish to email the draft by 10 Jan 09.

oppss.. I also managed to get Endnotes CD from the IT department. Thanks to Ina for the info. This is also another big issue... till date, I do not know how to use Nednotes properly...Aiyyooo...