Monday, August 10, 2009

Usrah KgVicNorth

Attending Usrah..

Sunday 4pm, I went to Glenroy with my darling Aisyah, with one purpose: to attend usrah kaum ibu for KgVicNorth. Usrah was conducted at Ratna's house, somewhere near to the small city of Glenroy. . Ada dalam 12 orang rasanya plus anak-anak.. I t was my first usrah with them. Happy to see new faces, to build new networking and to have more new friends in this beautiful Melbourne. We discussed on how to Perform Fasting excellently and how to ensure that we can fulfill the beauty and the greatness of Ramadhan. As a tazkirah to me myself.. Lepas makan dan solat maghrib, kami balik ke rumah.. Alhamdulillah..


Morning class at ILIM.. We failed to attend. Why? I was not feeling well. So after solat subuh.. saya dengan Aisyah tidur sampai jam 10.30 pagi.. terlepas dah kelas.. kira selamatler kelas agama Aisyah.. kelas ngaji pun cancel ler gak. Apa nak kato...