Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pause and Ponder


What is our goal in this life? 
Phd is one of our journeys but not the goal of everything. 
My goal and your goal is to get the blessing of Allah, 
as for Him alone we act and struggle. 
For Him alone we learn, for Him alone we work
for Him alone we try to accomplish our mission
to be His extraordinary Caliph on earth. 
For Him alone we submit ourselves... 
whole heartedly..

My friend sent this beautiful tazkirah...

Come together we pause and ponder..


Let us  asked ourselves

What are some of the secrets of success in life?

We  may find the answer right  there in our own room....

The Fan ( or air con) said -   Be cool.

 The Roof said -                  Aim high.
The Window said -        See the world.

 The Clock said -            Every minute is precious.

The Mirror said -              Reflect before you act.

The Door said -                Push hard for your Goals.
Opps ... 

And don't forget, look at  the Carpet on the floor 

The  carpet  said-         Kneel down & Pray to Allâh (SWT).. 

Let's double our  amal and Ibadah  in this Ramadhan month...
May Allah Bless all of us accordingly...