Friday, March 19, 2010


Minda yang letih..

Saya tengah siapkan bahagian saya untuk kertas kerja di Singapore, yang ini saya buat dengan Ina Nawi. She will present the paper entitled: Child Custody and Maintenance Decisions: A Case Study of High Court Judgments of Divorce Petitions in Malaysia From 1998-2008. Kami download dalam 60 cases nak study pattern of judgments. Tapi masalahnya saya baca kes-kes ni rasa macam berpinar-pinar mata... adoii letihnya kepala saya baca judgments panjang berjela ni..

But I tell you, it was so interesting to read what and how the judges decide. I admire them.. The same like i admire lawyers in presenting their case.

Ahh... baru baca siket, dah letih..
adoiii.. camna nak habiskan arguements ni??

So conclusionnya; Ina will be presenting our paper at National University of Singapore, 'Workshop on Marital Dissolution in Asia' - 6-7 May 2010 and Sham will be presenting another paper entitled 'Honour Killing' at IIUM on 24-26 May 2010.

And me... humppp still in Melbounre.. waiting for the result... I've called the staff in charge, he said wait for another two more weeks. Uhhhhh lamanyer....

Back to presenting papers:

I believe in the principle of 'Work smart less hard' which means- two heads work together to write a paper and one head will think on how to present it on stage.. As I always believe- the more the merrier. Two heads are better compare to one. So work tegether, don't be stingy with our knowledge.. The more we share, the more Allah will support us.

And it is always be my principle in life!