Friday, November 30, 2007

Interview Biasiswa PhD

On Wednesday 28th November, there were few things happened to me actually.. I wished to write some entries in this blog, but time was pretty constraint. ..

But the most important event happened on that day was the interview session for PhD scholarship, and I was there, as one of the candidates to apply for the scholarship offered by the University.

There were 7 candidates in total from my department . We were asked to be there at 2.15pm to get ready for our turn to be called. At the same time, there were ten other candidates from other departments with the same hope, to get the scholarship in order to pursue for PhD degree in different fields.

My tummy was not ok on that day..Memulas-mulas, Ya Allah.. gabranya nak kena interview.. I felt nervous, and there was butterfly in my stomach. I could not control my tummy anymore.. Ayyooo.. I went to the ladies more than 4 times .. Adoiii..

While waiting, I tried to calm myself by chatting with other candidates- asking questions such as, "if they ask like this, how to answer yer... If they ask like that, how to answer yer.." Alhamdulillah that helped me a lot to calm myself...

Jam 3pm Abah hantar mesej.... tut tut... (bunyi mesej!)

Abah tulis, 'Maam, Selamat berjaya. Tadi pukul 10 pagi Abah dah solat Dhuha dan solat hajat untuk Umi. Abah yakin Umi boleh, cuma kena
cool supaya dapat menjawab dengan rational. UMI BOLEH!'

'Thank you Bah....'

My sisters pun hantar mesej bagi semangat dan doa..
Thank you yer...

At 4.30pm, sampai turn aku... I was called together with my two other friends Y and N at the same time... "Ya Allah.. permudahkanlah aku dapat jawab soalan panelist ni.."

There were 4 panelists waiting for us.. .My friend Y had to start first. Then Prof A posed the question to me, "Ok now we go to you, tell us about your proposal.."

I told myself, ' Calm down hidayah.. relax.. tawakal to Him and try to explain the best that you could...' Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

"Assalamualaikum, my topic is about family law.....bla bla... I want to focus on ..... bla bla... This issue is very important since the statistic given shows that.... bla bla... Objectives of this study are..... bla bla.. This research is very crucial since it deals with human capital which will affect our nation bla bla.... At the end of the research, I will present a mechanism in......bla bla..."

Prof A then said, 'Oh.. it's interesting, tell us about your methodology of the study. How you can ensure that all of the objectives can be achieved.. Have you dealt with any potential supervisor? Tell us about you plan.."

Prof H then asked another question, "How about your place of study. You state here that you already have a place under part time basis in IIU and you wish to do twinning program with Melbourne University ..Tell us about that. Why you choose twinning program instead of state to one place?"

I tried my best to answer all questions, the very best that I could..

I told them that I have sent my proposal to Professor Abdullah Saeed, Head of Asian Law and Islamic Centre in Melbourne University and he had answered my email saying that he has no objection to supervise my thesis. Prof Abdullah Saeed is a very prominent figure in Australia. He leads Asian Law Centre and had supervised more than 20 PhD students.

Actually I met him in the International Seminar on Human Right organised by AG Chambers last year and unintentionally, during the lunch he took the food and sat beside my friend and me. We discussed a lot especially on human right and the gender issues. He then gave me his card and said to us, 'Please contact me if you come to Australia...' and I also gave my card to him and said, 'Sir, if I want to go to Melbourne U for my PhD, will you be my supervisor?' He answered, 'Of course, please contact me..'

Prof A then said, 'I think based on your experience, you have a clear plan on what kind of field and issue that you want to focus..I dont have any other question to ask.. How about other panelist?"

Prof A then continued with few other questions to N as the last person for that day.....

Alhamdulillah, we finished our session around 5.20pm..

My prayer will remain the same..

.'Ya Allah, I wish to continue my study, to search for Your knowledge, the best that I could in order to fulfill the duty as your Caliph on earth. I want to be one of the scholars in Islam, to be somebody on earth that can give contribution to my religion and my people. Hopefully what ever I do in this world can help me in the day after life..I want to be somebody who can speak for Islam. Grant me what ever best for me in your eye... Amin...'