Monday, November 19, 2007

Marking papers

'Tak sudah lagi ker?"

"Tak..Banyak sangat kena marking.."

"Berapa banyak dapat?"

"Ada 140 answerscripts, times 4 questions each, jadi more than 400 questions kena baca dalam masa 7 hari..semua esei panjang....pengsan ler.."

'Buat aje ler pelan-pelan.."

"Tapi masa suntuk, rumah terbuka banyak kena pergi.. isyy pening pening.."

My husband patiently tried to counsel me... This problem keeps repeating every semester. Because of ISO that has been implemented, every of us will be given 1 week to complete marking... not only marking, but to calculate all, key in in the excel, then submit to the office..

Last semester I failed to fulfill the seven days given..and this semester it happens again.

I took the answerscripts on 4th November and need to submit the results before or on 11th November. But I have no ability to settle all within the time limit. After struggling very hard, I managed to finish marking on 13th Nov 07. For four days and nights, I did not do anything unless marking and marking and marking and going to sleep at 3.30am every morning. And my body becomes scramble like scramble egg.. huhhhhh how I wish if I can sub-con this job.

As usual, like previous semesters, my beloved busband will come and help me to release my burden. He will take the calculator, calculate all the marks, put the total marks for every answerscript, write my name on the script and key in in the excel. I feel very happy for his hands and grateful for that. Thank you Bah for helping me every time I need your hands.. Even it looks like simple, but it means a lot to me...

And on 14th November at 2 pm, I went to the main office to submit all the answer scripts with the results to the staff in charge...

Alhamdulilah.. I feel like a huge mountain or maybe bigger than that is just taken away from my shoulder... Releasenya lepas serahkan markah....Alhamdulillah..