Monday, April 21, 2008

Joke lagi..

One of UiTM lecturers (my friend)
ada blog dan dia masukkan
kisah ini dalam blognya..
Ia sangat joke sekali sampai rasa nak pecah
perut aku baca.. hehe..adoii...
Baca yer...

She wrote;

'I always request my students to give me their biodata which included information related to their father's job.Before the first class end, I will call my students name and glance through their biodata. Sometimes, I will ask few questions to clarify my queries. such you are the only child in the family or ..if he(she) is from Sabah or Sarawak, I'll ask them whether they like this palace or not.

At one time one of my students wrote that his father works as a prisoner. I was shocked and at the same time respect her for her bravery and sincerity. So, I asked her personally in the next class to confirm my anxiety. First I asked her if her father is working as a warden in the prison. She answered "no" with an innocent face.
I asked again "is your father facing punishment?". Again, she answered no.
"So,what is your father's doing now?"

Bapa saya tak kerja puan, pesara kerajaan...she answered spontaneously....ohhhhh your father is a pensioner!!!

hehehe... kelakar giler.
sakitnye perut aku..