Sunday, September 25, 2011

There She Is......Black Belt Holder

Black Belt Holder

Aisyah is a Black Belt Holder...

Yesterday (24 September 2011 at 5 - 7pm), we went to Netball Stadium for her grading..
After nearly 3 years, she's finally there..
My princess is a Teakwondo Black Belt Holder
Graduated formally on Monday 26 September 2011 at Hall Teakwondo Tullamarine, Melbounre..

Sepanjang balik dari grading, Aisyah tak habis-habis berceita..

'I'm speechless.. I could not explain how I feel.. oo i was so happy.. i managed to break the board. Umi.. I am speechless...'

I am very proud of you my darling..