Monday, July 4, 2011

Kata-kata Aisyah

Aisyah's kata-kata hikmah...
[hikmah ker??? hehe... boleh ler :-)

we can't buy award,
we have to earn it..'


Why can't you sleep at 10.00pm and wake up at 2 am or 3 am?
then you can continue your writing..
If you sleep at 3am and wake up at 6.00 am,
you don't have enough sleep, then you will be stress out..'


Why can't people in this world be like a kid?
Kids play and fight..
today we fight but tomorrow we forget and play together again..'


Why can't we stay in Australia for ever,
and do not have to go back to Malaysia?
I love schooling here, learning is fun..
But in Malaysia..urghhh
the bag is heavy..
the school has no big space for girls to play..
the library is small..
learning is so hard and serious in malaysia..
i don't want to feel like that...