Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tax Number

Tax No: TFN (Tax File Number)

Australian Taxation Office.

Saya hari tu tolong Supervisor saya Prof Tim jadi proofreader manuscript dia. Nanti saya akan dapat gaji.. seronoknya.. saya dengar mungkin dalam AUD1400.. alhamdulillah..

In order untuk gaji saya diproses, saya dikehendaki untuk memohon nombor tax dari Imigresen Australia. Saya dah isi semua paper worknya, sekarang nak dapatkan no,bor tax..

Bila saya isi semuanya, dapatlah reply yang ini...

MRS Nurhidayah Muhammad Hashim

You have successfully submitted an application for a Tax File Number with the Australian Taxation Office. Your receipt for this application is DIAC1003105840. Please make a note of this receipt number for any inquiries you may have about the status of your TFN application. If you have not received your tax file number within 28 days of this application, please phone 132861.It is not compulsory to quote your tax file number to anyone. However, if you do not supply your tax file number to your payer within 28 days of commencing a new job, your payer must withhold 46.5% if you are a resident and 45% if you are a non-resident from any payments made to you after this period. A letter advising you of your TFN will be sent to the postal address you have provided.