Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excellent writer to be..

My Darling Aisyah
For almost two months, Aisyah has been joining al-biruni class at ISSA School, an Islamic Private School in Shah Alam, her old school. Teacher Fari, the principal allowed Aisyah to be in Std 4 class. And as expected, she becomes one of the favourite students for english subject. Her ustaz even told her that 'lidah Aisyah dah twist jadi Aussie..:-) hehe..

She told me that she has a big plan.. to write hundred of story books for children. She has written three books in Melbourne and this is the fourth one. This is actually the homework given by Teacher Kauthar. She did it very well. Even I myself was impressed with her ability to write and imagine things..:-) hehe..
Bravo Aisyah.. Umi pray may Allah show you the way...
and becoming a star writer to be..
CLASS: 4 AL BIRUNI (2 May 2011)
The Big Fat Catterpillar

Once upon a time there was a small caterpillar. Her name was Lia.She lived in a very beautiful meadow. It was called the magical meadow; her house was a mush room, a BIG mushroom.
One day she said “I am going to visit my grandma and grandpa. I haven’t visited them in a long time”. So she packed her stuff and off she went to start a long long long journey.
A few hours later “AAARGGH... help me someone.. please help me” Lia exclaimed. She saw the biggest bird on earth flying down towards her. She ran and ran and then she saw a hole on the ground so she quickly jumped into it. “Hooray!!! I got away”.
A few hours later, “huh huh huh... I am tired.’ So she went to a very yummy flower and ate all of it until its finish. Then her friends came. They all laughed at her .Lia asked them, “Why are you all laughing at me?” Then they said “We are laughing at you because you’re gonna be a beautiful butterfly soon but how can you be, you’re too FAT !!! HAHAHA!!! Bye”.
Lia was sad to hear all that but she remembered what her mum has said to her. Her mum once told her that, “The fatter you are the more beautiful you’ll be.” So Lia would not listen to them. She didn’t care about what they said.
After a few days full with troubles, she finally arrived at her grandparents’ house.
“Hi grandma, hi grandpa” .Before her grandparents replied, she suddenly turned into a cocoon, then to a very beautiful butterfly.
At that time also, Lia’s friends were sitting outside the house. So they could see what had happened to Lia. They were surprised. They quickly said sorry to Lia because they had teased her about her fatness. Lia had a kind heart so she forgave them.
What her mother told her before was very true, that ‘The fatter you are, the more beautiful butterfly you would be!’
Then they all lived happily ever after.