Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lovely Trip to Sydney

NI Aisyah tulis dengan Amirah lepas balik dari Sydeny dulu. Kami pergi konvori 5 keluarga, iaitu keluarga kami, keluarga Hana (Hamdan dan Farizal), keluarga Adam (Rasul dan Zainab), keluarga Umairah (Pak Tam dan Nor) dan keluarga Amierah (Ustaz Khairul dan Dr Intan)

Karangan ini sangat baik dan saya kasi markah 100%..:-)


The Lovely Trip to Sydney

On Thursday the 6th of January, Amierah’s family, Hannah’s family, Aisyah’s family and Adam’s family and Pak Tam’s family went to Sydney together. It took us two days to arrive at Sydney by car. On the first day it was so tiring because we were so so HOT.

Amierah’s Dad and Hannah’s Dad used a different car, it was a rented car.

The first day was so so boring, because we had nothing to play or do but of course some of us slept or talk.

A few hours later we arrived at the cabins. After we arrived at the cabins we met and ate in the kitchen which was outside. After we ate we slept in our own cabin. It was the best cabin.

Anyway we went to Parliament House it was so cool.

We thought that Julia Gillard was in the Paliament House because it’s the Paliament House.

After we went to the Paliament House we went to Malaysia Hall. Pak tam got his own room but he also got another room because there are to much kids that can’t sleep in they’re own room because it is so small ( girls only)

The next day we went to black mountain we experience that when you go uphill sometimes the air go inside your ear which pops, we really really really hate when it happen.

The next morning we went to Beqa Factory. It is all about how to make cheese and we can taste the flavour of the cheese but we don’t have to pay for the tasting so we ate alot. It was so fun.

After we went to the Beqa Factory we went to Whale Museum. It is all about Whales and the skull of it.We took pictures and some of us bought something from the Souvuneir Shop.

It was the best, funny, fun trip ever.

The End

By:Amierah and Aisyah