Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moral of the story..

Aisyah lagi..

Saya tanya Aisyah malam tadi,
'Aisyah did you read your story in front of your friends?'

Dia jawab 'Yes, Teacher Kauthar asked me to read out loud so I read it.. and Teacher kauthar and my friends said, 'wonderful story.. congratulation Aisyah'.. hehe..
Aisyah ketawa sambil bercerita macam-macam..

Then saya tanya, 'What's the moral of your story actually?'

'When I read the story in class, i also explained the moral of the story Umi.. The moral of the story is that we cannot tease people, because we do not know what will happen to them. Teasing people is not good. We have to be good friends and do not tease our friends in front of other people..'

Hummpppp... betul jugak!