Saturday, February 25, 2012


YM with Aisyah...

Rindunya kat anak saya Aisyah.
Dia masih di KL, tadi saya ber ym dengan Aisyah..
Aisyah dan Abah akan ke fireflypark in Kuala Selangor with ramai2 lagi..
Umi miss you darling.. very much...

·         umi,  i got 95 for my aqidah, and 84 for bm.
puan_hidayah   95 for your aqidah? wow.. you are a clever girl.. alhamdulillah. and 85 for your BM? Wow that was good because BM is still new for you and you managed to get 84.. .. a big congratz from umi..:-)
·         teacher zu said if we get 80 and above for bm.  the girls can do WHATEVER they want
puan_hidayah : what do you mean by whatever?
·         like we can go on a picnic outside school on school time.. something like that
puan_hidayah wow... do you like teacher zu's teaching style?
· yes.. but sometimes i get bored in bm..  i even nearly fell asleep ..NEARLY
puan_hidayah alhamdulillah.. i just feel afraid if you can't coop with the new teaching styles..
·         uumi i am going to go to fireflypark in kuala Selangor..
puan_hidayah : aisyah, do you like to have scrap book?
·         yesssss
puan_hidayah: i hope you can collect whatever pictures or notes (nice one) and umi will help you to stick them on your scrap books..
·         yeah
puan_hidayah : maybe we can start with kuala selangor's visit.. what do you reckon?
·         yessss
·        i brought my camera and ipad
puan_hidayah : wonderful..  Umi will give you a few scrap books..
beautiful one.. as a present for your aqidah's result ok.
·         ok
puan_hidayah  so make sure you snap a few beautiful photos.. :-)
·         umi, i won’t snap a few
·        but i WILL snap a LOT
puan_hidayah : hehe...:))
·         umi i need to pray now ok... give me 20 min
puan_hidayah : ok sayang.. go and pray and do make doa for umi ya.. may allah help umi to finish my phd
·         ok umi
puan_hidayah :  insya allah we will continue our ym soon ok..
·         don’t go tau
puan_hidayah (25 Feb 16:45): ok sayang.. bye
·         (25 Feb 16:45: ok umi BYE..