Friday, October 5, 2007

Kelas Last

Today is 4th October bersamaan 23 Ramadhan. I have completed my syllabus for ISB 533 dan also ISB 652 for group 5A. I still have two more classes ie class 5 B and 5 C. After that, we won't have class next week since all of my students will go back to their hometowns to celebrate Hari Raya Idil Fitri. We have just completed the 14 weeks of our lesson weeks.

Time goes very fast, day by day, we are already in day 23 of the Ramadhan. I have completed my duty as a lecturer to teach my Islamic Banking Prog students for this semester. They will sit for the exam on 20th October onwards, and mind you my paper ISB 533 would be the first!.. I pray to Allah, may He helps my beloved students to understand well and able to answer well in the exam..

Back to Ramadhan, sometimes I feel very sad for not being able to do the best that I could. I wish to do more quranic recitation, perform solat dhuha, qiyamullail etc.. But yeaa.. very difficult to do that, I need to finish lot of works which always make me feel collapse and exhausted..

I have promised to publish their carry marks after raya.. I hope I can finish the marking and fullfill the promise! Hope by 17 October, they can get their marks here... in my blog...

Now, the time is 11 pm, I just coming back from mosque and will continue to recite quran for another 2 pages before going to bed.... If tonight is lailatul qadr, I pray may Allah accept all my ibadah as well as the ibadah performed by my beloved husband, parents, my in laws, my siblings and all muslim people in this world...