Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Going Back To My Kampung

Raya is coming... InsyaLLah we will celebrate raya next Saturday, based on Falak.
Even we feel happy to celebrate our 'kemenangan' to finish the fasting but we also shpuld feel said that Ramadhan will leave as very soon. Can we meet another Ramadhan next year? No body knows... only He the Almighty has the answer.

This Raya, we will go back to Kota Bharu... Aisyah always looking forward to see Tok Ma and Tok Ayah. As usual, Abah will drive the car trhrough out the way back and me.. umpp as usual, always collapse and becoming the sleeping beauty in the car...

My darling Aisyah is very beautiful with her new Baju kurung...

May Allah save our journey back to KB, the land of Newcastle... yes!