Friday, April 30, 2010

Questionaire for Postgrad Students in VIC

My letter to vmpga members- published on vmpga's website at
Jika ada pembaca blog saya yang belajar di VICTORIA, boleh tolong isikan form questionaire tersebut ya..


All Malaysian Postgraduate Students

In Victoria


28 April 2010

Assalamualaikum wbt and Greetings,


In relation to the shocking report on the ‘PhD students suffer from bullying Supervisors’ as reported in the The Australian on April 21, 2010, VMPGA as a formal body representing Malaysian Postgraduate Students in Victoria is obliged to come forward to collect the information regarding bullying problems amongst our Malaysian students who are currently doing research in the Victorian Universities. We hope the finding can be forwarded to the relevant bodies such as KPT, MSDA as well as CAPA for them to know the true experience undergone by our Malaysian students.

VMPGA would like to request assistance and coordination from ALL Malaysian Postgraduate students from all Universities in Victoria to fill in the form. Please allocate some of your time to answer all questions. We have altogether 13 questions. If you don't have any problems with your Supervisor and the supervision given, it may just take 3-5 minutes only. For students with "supervisory bullying" problems please feel free to explain further in the space provided in the questionnaire form.

Please cllick here;
https://spreadsheet com/viewform? formkey=dFNXUXE0 Vnd5OS1BWkV1UVJl UDB3NWc6MQ

To all respondents, VMPGA would like to extend our gratitute and we hope the result could bring positive inputs for us all.

Thank you.


Nurhidayah Muhd Hashim


VMPGA 2009/2010