Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hanna's Case

Berita Harian menyiarkan berita pelajar Malaysia disamun dan ia menjadi isu agak hangat di sini. Bagi pihak VMPGA, saya menulis stand VMPGA dengan bantuan Azami dan Sham..TQ yer..


Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera,
To all VMPGA's members,

All of us are in shock to learn of the unfortunate incident which happened to one of our Malaysian students, Nurul Hanna of Swinburne Univ. On behalf of all VMPGA Committee, we would like to extend our sympathies and prayers - may Allah help and make her well soon, Insya Allah. Hanna is actually a cousin of Zahirah (President of one of the Associations under MASCA; she informed us that Ustaz Hasnizul and Ustazah Hafilah (Exco VMPGA) have paid her a visit after the incident.

At the same time, this incident has also initiated another urgent concern to be discussed among all the Presidents of all the Malaysian students’ associations in Melbourne. On behalf of VMPGA, I have informed MASCA’s President that VMPGA will support the action to write an appeal letter for the government to provide us with an Education Attaché here in Melbourne . We hope the unfortunate incident on Hanna will warrant the government of the urgent need to expedite the move.

This unfortunate incident also should be as a reminder to all of us to be extra careful, cautious and always be on the look out at any time. We at VMPGA, would like to advice all members and fellow students especially who are here with small children and families to take note on some basic methods of defence as advised by the police department.

Whenever we are in danger, always try not to panic and try to think of ways of escaping. Some of the suggestions by the authorities are: by screaming loudly to attract attention, striking at a vulnerable area (eyes, throat, and groin), and to stomp on the other person’s foot or jabbing an elbow into the other person’s midriff, if attacked from the side or from behind. Please use whatever we have to give us time to escape such as keys, umbrella, handbag, backpack, a rolled-up newspaper, even an item of clothing thrown over the other person’s head may give us the opportunity and the time to escape.

As always, please remind our kids and our families to always remember the national emergency service at 000 and ring them whenever we are in danger. Another number which is important is Crime Stopper 1800-333-000 and our local police office number. Please visit these two websites to gain more information: "
http://www.vic. crimestoppers.

It would also be of great advantage if we get to know more of our own community, be them from Malaysian or from other international/ local students, as we might need their help in future, one never knows. As the saying goes, we are more willing to help friends in need than just mere strangers.

It is hope that we can help each other in preventing such incidents from occurring to our fellow Malaysians in the future.>


AP Nurhidayah Hashim
President VMPGA 2009/2010