Thursday, January 17, 2008


Let's continue with the two guys from Indonesia... hehe..

I received a message asking me to continue the story of two Indonesian Scholars that I met at ISTAC... I need to fulfil the request.. it's very important for me. hehe.. Thank you for the interest to know who were the respected two Muslim Scholars...

Actually, I did feel very happy to meet them, without any plan and any intention, Allah has allowed me to gain some benefit and received valueable advice from some scholars that I met in that seminars and other places....

The first one was Prof Dr Mulyadi Kartanegara and another one was Bapak Husain Heriyanto M. Hum. Both came from Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

I was so impressed to know the background of Prof Dr Mulyadi.. He sat beside me during the tea, and I tried to start the discussion in a very polite way as possible.. Dont forget that I was the only female there.....Soon after, few other women came in and join the tea but all of them sat quite far from me..

I said, 'Assalamualaikum, I'm Hidayah from Shah Alam, where are you from Sir? Indonesia?'
"Yes... , I'm from Indonesia.. My name is Mulyadi.. Is it ok for me to sit here?'
'Yes, please..' 'How many of you from Indonesia Sir?'
'Two of us, this is Mr Husain. We come for this Seminar. How about you?Are you one of the presenters?'
"No.. I'm here represent my Boss from UiTM..'

Then he started to ask about UiTM, Shah Alam, Malaysia and I answered nicely as possible.. I guest very clear one......hehe..

After few seconds, I started to ask about Indonesia and he also answered all questions very nicely. I told him I went to Acheh, Indonesia last two years to send kurban Idil Adha for the people, my plan to visit Padang next month for my academic journey with few other researchers and I also mentioned the name of Ibu Aliya, the Syariah Judge of Jakarta that I met before..

He talked in a very nice way and always smiling.. He said, how happy to know that some Malaysians become good samaritans to help the poor and needy in Indon. When I mentioned about Ibu Aliya, he then explained a lot about the Syariah Courts in Indonesia and asked me to visit Jakarta to study about this matter.

Then the discussion become more serious but very friendly when I asked about his CIPSI or Centre for Islamic Philosophical Studies and Information. Curently, he is the Director for CIPSI.. Here, I got the first important point that impressed me a lot..He explained that he struggled very hard to establish this Centre which was later approved by the Government. After few years strugling, he managed to see the existance of CIPSI. He said it was a long journey and we have to do that for the sake of our religion..( First point that I grabed and put in my mind..)

I asked about his work in Jakarta.. He then axplained that currently he is a lecturer and have to teach few institutions under 'Visiting Professor of Usuluddin and Thought'..
When I mentioned something about books, he said, 'I just finished a book about the way we think and Islamic approach on that.'
Then I asked, 'How many book have you published Prof? and all of them about Islam?'

His answer impressed me a lot more when he said, "No, I wrote on Islamic issue, Islamic theology, on mindsetting, motivational book etc.. So far, I have completed 20 books...' (20 books?? Oh my God...Second point that I grabed and put in my mind..)

'Aaaa..... Is it Prof? How long you spent for a book? This surprised me alot. If you can give some advice to me, I would feel very happy Sir...'
He answered, 'If we can share... I dont mind to share.. Normally I can finish a book less than a month. Normally within 26 days I manage to write one complete book and after that I'll find the foodnetes and reference in detail. So far I dont have any problems for that..' (Within one month-one book??? Oh my God.... Third point that I grabed and put in my mind)

Then I said, 'Wah.. For sure you a e a very busy man, have to deliver talks to few universities, doing research and writing book in 26 days... How you manage to do that.? Then after you finish your writing, do you have any difficulty to find a publisher..I feel like wowww...'

He said very nicely and always maintain his smile.. 'So far, every month different publishers come to me and asking for manuscript.. Normally I choose al-Mizan Pulisher..They need manuscripts to be published. That's why we have no choice unless write and write for the benefit of the society....' ( Yes, we need to write for the benefit of our nation..Fourth point that I grabed and put in my mind)

"If you want to follow, I always sleep at 10-11pm, and wake up at 3 am every morning. I will start writing after that, normally for two hours before Subh I can have 1 or 2 chapters..You can try if possible, then start do your writing.. It's good for our ummah..' (Oh my God, Fifth point that I grabed and put in my mind..)

I have received a lot of unforgetable and so valuable advice from this guy. Before I went back to my UiTM, he gave me his card and said, 'Nice to discuss with you. Hope if you have time to go to Jakarta Selatan.. Please contact me, and drop by at our Centre...'

'For sure Sir, I will call you if I happened to go to Jakarta.. And thank you very much for sharing so wonderful advice.. I wish to follow that for the sake of our religion and society..Insya Allah.. Nice meeting you Prof..'

After that, my mind works so hard..
keep working to digest all the advice given....
I also need to do that.. sonner or later..
the sooner the better....
Insya Allah... God Willing...

Thank you Prof Mulyadi...
Centre for Islamic Philosophical Studies and Information
Wijaya Graha Puri Blok B-5
J1 Wijaya II, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12060
021-9963 7642
0815 7961 506